Helping Your Toddler Transition from Home to School
Throughout childhood, children face changes, at home and at school. These changes can be small and go unnoticed, or they can be profound. Beginning preschool is a transition that holds many changes in store for children. With the caring support parents, this transition can be a positive experience for a child, giving them a sense of self-confidence and accomplishment.

Give your child opportunities to spend time with other adults and children. This makes them used to what is to come, and they won’t feel shocked into the change. Moreover, they will get used to not having you around on a constant basis.

Make them used to the school environment. Read books to them and talk about the pictures and the story. Provide them with opportunities to play with items like safety scissors, crayons, pencils, paint, and paper. Encourage their independence by giving them a few simple directions, and letting them complete tasks on their own.

Talk about school in a positive manner. Ask your toddler what they expect school will be like - listen and you may learn about any unrealistic fears they have, which will help you address them and put their mind at ease. If possible, take your child to visit the school. Having a little run on the playground, touring the building, and finding the bathroom will prove to be a helpful activity to help with the transition.

The most important aspect of this transition from home to school is you - you should expect your child’s transition to be successful. Remember that adjustment will take time, but your positive outlook can help your child; let them know that you are confident in their ability to do well and succeed, and they will believe it as well.