Making your home conducive for exams
A designated time and place for study.
It doesn’t have to be his / her own desk, even the dining table will do. Just make sure that it’s clean and free from other things on top.  Teach your kids to prioritize their activities, and instill in them the rule that they should finish their homework first before doing other things.

No distractions allowed.
Internet, TV and gadgets are the major distractions in this modern age.  Make sure that your kids have no access to these things while studying and reviewing for their exams.

A comfortable home environment.
Find out and experiment what works for your kids.  Look for or create surroundings appropriate and conducive for them. Some kids are able to study better when there’s background music.  The room shouldn’t be too hot or too cold.  The environment should be relaxed, but still don’t let your kids lie down while studying, because more often than not, they will just fall asleep.

A happy home environment. 
Who would want to go home to an unpleasant home environment?  You also find it difficult to go to your workplace if your colleagues are not pleasant to work with.  Kids should go home to parents who are not shouting at each other.  Kids would want to go home to parents who are always eager to see them home from school.

Show interest in your child’s studies.  
Kids will be more motivated if they see their parents’ interest in their school activities, homework, exams and quizzes.  Your interest will greatly help in improving their grades.  It’s reassuring and motivating for kids to know that somebody cares for them.  They need to know that somebody is there.  You don’t have to do the homework for them, you can just sit beside them and show interest in what they’re doing.

Don’t put too much pressure on them. 
Don’t nag.  Accept your kids and their weaknesses because it also shows that you love and respect them.

These simple tips can go a long way in making your home a student-friendly place, especially during the upcoming exam period.