Learning with colours
We, as adults, typically talk about colors everyday, and for this reason children begin to learn the names of many colors. However, they may not know which color goes to which name. You can help children learn colors by asking them the color of things. Start with single colors with very young children, and then add more in time. Observation plus language equals learning. Simple activities are designed to help children become aware of the many colors that surround them. Here are a few ways to teach colors to children:
  • The use of toy blocks, cards, paints and crayons can help your child develop color skills and learn to name them.
  • Take a walk outdoors (or even in the house) and look for a particular color, such as blue. Then ask if a toy is blue, or is the car parked out front blue?
  • Choose a day of the week and make it “color day.” Make projects, wear clothing, cook foods and read books about that color.
  • Glue crayons to a strip of tag board. Then provide a second set of crayons and invite the children to match the colors.
  • “Looking for Colors” Walk - Make a small booklet, containing the primary and secondary colors. Use construction paper pages and staple these together. Take your child on a neighborhood walk and look for items that correspond with the colors in the child’s booklet.
  • Color Match - Pick up free paint chip cards from your local paint store. Choose cards in shades of red, yellow and blue. At home, cut each rectangular chip apart. Spread these across the table and have the children match each hue.
  • Paint and Sniff - When painting a picture with poster paints, add a few drops of baking extracts to give these paints a flavor (scent). Painting with scents is a fun and sensory experience for children.
    •      Strawberry Extract = Red
    •      Lemon Extract = Yellow
    •      Peppermint Extract = Green
    •      Orange Extract = Orange
    •      Chocolate Extract = Brown
    •      Anise (Licorice) Extract = Black
  • Color Wands - Play music and dance to the beat while waving colorful streamers in the air. Use toilet or paper towel tubes for the wands. The children can paint the cardboard tubes and then enhance them with crayons, markers or stickers. Next, attach crepe paper streamers to the wand with a stapler. For a variation, add ribbons and/or colorful strips of cloth.
  • Do a Color Feast - We talked about having a color day where you focus on one color. Prepare edibles this day in your chosen color. For example, on “orange day” prepare orange wedges, and cheddar cheese cubes. A “yellow day” feast could consist of pineapple chunks, bananas and golden delicious apples. The kids love this concept!