Your child's worst nightmare may just be homework
If there is one thing most kids around the world, no matter who they may be, hate is homework. The word 'HOMEWORK' in a child's world is the party-pooper, and the fun-buzzer! Most children will try to avoid doing homework, or grit their teeth and do it just so that can get over it fast. Such is the sad reputation of homework in a child's world.
A pig can teach your kid table manners
Imagine are sitting at the dinner table hoping to create an atmosphere where everyone, inclusive of your kids, can talk about their day. While you are talking Amandhi decides to say something rude to Melvin who responds with an angry punch. The result? A fist fight at the dinner table! Most moms and dads would agree with us when saying that the dinner table is not a place to have arguments and disagreements.
Teach your child to save the creative way
Despite the fun we have playing games, they can also be used as tools to teach us important lessons in life like how to save money. Here are a few games that will give you an idea about how to help your child save in creative ways.
Creative ways to teach about money
Money is a boring topic for our kids, whose world is full of fun, games, and riotous imagination. One way you could teach your small ones lessons about money is through creative means.
How to teach your kids to invest
Most successful individuals such as Warren Buffett are of the opinion that kids should learn about money managing practices as early as possible in life and be able to develop health money habits at an early age. This will help them build a sturdy financial future.
Teach your kid about electrical safety
Most of the kids in Sri Lanka are not taught about electrical safety in their homes, especially when there are many electrical hazards around the home and even outside. Here are a few things that you can teach your child to be mindful about when dealing with electricity both outdoors and indoors.
What kind of Morals can we teach our kids? Read on to find out more
Imagine that we are standing in a line, patiently waiting our turn to pay the water bill when someone rudely cuts across us and hands over their payment to the counter! Infuriating, but it happens most of the times in Sri Lanka-lack of respect for the other person. There are certain principles and morals that guide us and help us live in a society among other people. These morals are not taught in school specifically as Science and Maths is, but is an important lesson for kids to take in. So teaching them a few morals at home will pave the way for respectful citizens who are mindful of another human being.
Teaching kids to manage money
If you ask a two year old the question 'what is money? or where do you think we get money from?' the answer you will most probably hear is 'Amma get's it from the ATM machine!'. Most children around the world don't understand the value and seriousness of money. They are not able to comprehend the significant role money will come to play in their lives in terms of financial stability. Rightfully most of us would not want to include the heavy burden of money into the playful life of a child. However, what most adults don't understand is that children will one day become adults and will one have to deal with the effects of money. So instilling them with effective money management practices at an early age will help them become responsible individuals in the future.